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Things to consider while taking virtual Agile Coaching

We were encouraged to adapt things in new ways by Covid 19, and then we were exposed to the most popular phrase of this generation, virtual meetups and coaching. Students and professionals have heard of these phrases and have participated in several virtual events and meetups to learn more about their respective fields.

Despite being unable to communicate with my team in person, I felt driven to find new ways to help them. One of the most significant disadvantages that my team and I still encounter is the lack of face-to-face communication. However, my team and I did not let our frustrations and angst get the best of us, and we experimented with a few new ways of engaging with our clients and peers to develop and maintain a good working relationship. Below are a few tips that can help you effectively conduct virtual events.


We've all been aware of empathy and understand that it's the foundation of healthy relationships. The question now is: how do we show compassion in a virtual environment? This is significantly easier to accomplish if you have access to a video conference. If you can only have an audio chat, you can demonstrate empathy by asking compelling, introspective questions; questions that begin with "how" tend to inspire more dialogue than closed-ended ones (i.e., "yes/no" questions). Keeping the discussion focused while being curious in this situation is crucial.

Be vulnerable

As a coach, one should avoid mentioning past project flaws or failures. Failure, in my opinion, is inevitable, especially when dealing with significant organizational difficulties that are often beyond our direct control—while challenging and taxing on our egos, sharing successes and failings fosters trust by demonstrating that we are human.

Keep It Simple

One of the most effective methods to gain results while working from home is to post a list of rules and refer to them frequently. There are two crucial aspects to consider. The first is that nothing compares to the workplace setting. So try to relax. Second, you are virtually engaged with your staff, and there is a chance that they will make mistakes if instructions are unclear, leading to significant blunders, which you do not want. As a result, keep things simple.

Choose the best facetime software available

Covid has provided us with new methods to conduct business, but it has also provided us with the fear of losing our productivity and the growth that we have achieved so far. To prevent making any other blunders, it is advisable to use the software to provide the most satisfactory results. Consider implementing an easy-to-use video system that allows employees to communicate face-to-face over the internet. Companies scaling up their operations and scaling Agile with the usage of outsourcing and/or stay-at-home/remote workers would benefit from video conferencing programs.

Co-create a winning vision

I realized how much I miss the whiteboard after working remotely/virtually for over a year. Being able to gather a small group of people to brainstorm ideas or sketch out different concepts is practically impossible to mimic in a virtual situation despite today's technology. As a result, creating and communicating a virtual picture of success is typically more complex. Creating a structure to guide the conversation has proven to be beneficial. You can use various software to do it, like Mural, Miro, Conceptboard, and a handwritten note.


That's all from our side, the last thing I want to convey is that time is challenging but don't let covid affect your company's growth. Don't be harsh on yourself and keep hustling.


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