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We don't want to be pinstripe-suited theorists, but straight-forward, pragmatic and solution-oriented. Therefore we are not looking for the next but for the best optimal solution. Certificates and methodological skills are important for us, but even more importantly is the experience and openness for continuous learning. That's why knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing are not buzzwords for us, but an integral part of our culture. 

And if you are looking for a comfortable work environment in which you are able to share and develop your individual strengths and experiences with like-minded people, a strong community and team are also on your agenda, your heart is beating with every new project like ours and your want to celebrate your success with us and even if you fail, you don't just hang your head like this, but think like us, that this is also part of the path to excellence.

Hands-on mentality and pragmatism are attitudes that suit you and you are also convinced and share our mentality that the things you teach “outside” you have to live “inside”?! Then rock your career with us: If you’re unsure if you are qualified for (a) specific position(s) or have questions about job content or available opportunities, feel free to contact one of our Talent Searchers.




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